This company is based out of Valley Cottage NY. Owners name is Wendel Draper.  

​US DOT #1838422
MC#666370 .

Forget fast service, AAA Aero Auto Transport INC will promise you direct door to door and then after your auto is on his one truck that he didn't steal , he gives you all kinds of D.O.T. rules as to why he has more than 30 days to deliver you ride, expect 45 days coast to coast or more when he breaks down , by the way check your mileages as he will use your auto as his personal ride when he is broken down or waiting for that high dollar car to haul thus you can sit and wait for your delivery a little while longer.

forget calling the office , you will get the run around.

Also always remember to inspect your property well , Wendel  has many times in the past replaced parts on customers cars that he damaged while in transit, nice guy you say ,wrong! he has the parts replaced with cheap Chinese parts and hopes you won't notice .

Get ready to hear the owner scream lawsuit as soon as there is a any problem rather than talk to his customer he threatens to lock up your auto in a impound yard and you can sue to get it back including all the extra charges that he has listed in his contract, read before you sign.

He treats his employees like dogs making them sleep on the floor of his truck while they are in training, he gets desperate drivers that will work for free until they can't take it any longer then he throws them out anywhere in the country.

Any of you folks that live in the South East will be surprised when AAA Aero Auto Transport INC does not show up to pick up or deliver your auto , you see the owner believes that he has an outstanding warrant for a traffic violation involving a state officer , however he will say that he just does not want to deal with Red Necks or Hillbillies', go figure. 

Please keep up with our upcoming true posts about this company ,and beware notice the first three numbers of his motor carrier number, well we should have known sooner that he was a manipulator from the start of our business and friendship . he will as the rule goes pay back 10 fold ,maybe not to his friend but , hopefully some of you good people will see this and decide to use a more honest company which will cost him and help some nice owner operator that is transparent and honest. 

Don't be fooled by AAA Aero Auto Transport INC web site , it may look a little fancy but the owner brags that he has his friends over in India manipulating the presence on the web.

If any potential  customer would like any more information about this company or its owner please feel free to contact us on our contact button and we will be more than happy to enlighten you further.

Also if anyone has had any bad dealings with AAA Aero Auto Transport INC and would like to share ,again please use the contact button and we will help to inform the general and commercial public

Brain dump.

Don't trust this company

he lies and stole the truck you see on the right

This truck and trailer you see to the right, he stole from a very good friend of his after promising in a verbal agreement to pay a fraction of what the truck was worth  after he made a verbal agreement , even while his friend lay in a hospital recovering from massive heart failure  he promised to make payments to his friends  young son's to pay for it.

  After sending a driver from out of state to Florida to finally pick up the truck and hauling loads to New York and Maine  He stated that he refused to make any payment at all without giving any reasons as to why he thinks that  friend or not, he has the right to steal from any one.

 When he put it on the road and to work and as you can see here it is in use so as he's making money for the runs he does with it. And he has not held up his end of the agreement he made, therefore a theft has taken place.

His business is in financial stress , as he has no working capital ,thus he is broken down on every trip , 

 Potential customers should use his service with extreme caution as we can assure you he is a fast talker with a smile and giggle.

The owner will tell you of all his trucking experience but will leave out the fact he has NO people skills other than a quick con.